Parent Involvement / Communication

A caring, open communication approach

This is vital to ensure maintenance of a quality service. Your contribution of ideas, experiences and skills are welcomed and greatly valued. You may be able to share your skills and experiences in Music, Craft, Cooking and Storytelling etc to enhance your child’s program at the Service.

Parents are welcome to visit or call the Service at any time. If you have any talents or hobbies, we welcome and encourage to please share them with the children.

Our Service has an open door policy. You and your family are welcome to visit the Service at any time.

A partnership of care

We believe the best way to work with you and your child is by building a partnership of care.   To do this we want you to feel:


1.  Welcomed, recognised, acknowledged and respected by all our Educators.


2.  That your child is really known by, and really knows, the people who care for him or her.


3.  You are given lots of information about what is occurring and are asked for your views.


4.  You are involved in making decisions about your child's experiences.


5.  You and your child are received and greeted upon arrival.Your child is happy, secure and engaged.


6.  Your child is not just looked after but really cared for.


We endeavour to keep parents up to date with what's happening at our centre in the following ways:


- Notice Boards

- Monthly Newsletter

- Children's Pockets

- Assessments of individual children

- Daily Diary – an overview of the day

- Health and safety issues, e.g., immunisation

- "How is my child today" book

- Parent Interviews

useful resources....