Accidents & Emergencies

In the case of an injury, first aid will be administered to your child. Parents will be informed of accidents by means of an Incident form put in their child’s pocket. In the event of a severe injury, an ambulance will be called if necessary, the Director or Authorised Supervisor will endeavour to contact a parent or a nominated emergency contact person. A staff member will accompany your child to the nearest hospital and wait for the parent. An incident report will be filled out, outlining the incident and signed by the Educators who observed and administered first aid, as well as any witnesses. The parent’s signature will also be required. All staff members hold current First Aid Certificates.

Health & Safety Information

Health and safety information is available to all parents at the centre.  We have a parent information rack located outside the Kitten and Pussycat rooms which is full of pamphlets covering various issues of health and safety.  If you would like us to source information for you, please leave us a message.

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