Resources & Useful Links

Over the years, we've collected a pile of resources which parents often ask us about - from speech therapists and Occupational therapy , through to some great recipes to get the kids eating healthy, and even places and things to do/see which we thought we'd share with you. We are not affiliated with any of these links/resources - it's just info that's crossed our desk (and we get stacks).

Pittwater Sports Centre

Holiday workshops for kids. All Day Care from 7:00am - 6:00pm. Drop off between 7-9am and Pick up between 3-6pm
Skateboarding, laser tag, fitnastics, fun, sandbucket play, dance, water fun, kayaking and so much more!

coming up....

Eye testing for all children over 4 years old.

30 April Wildlife show

Bob Turner and their awesome wildlife show will be visiting us!

23 Mar Living Eggs

The living eggs arrive! For the next 2 weeks we'll be looking after 10 little eggs and watching as they hatch and grow into baby chicks!

16th Mar Kindy photos

Little Pics are here for the next 3 days to photograph all the children for our annual kindy photos!

useful resources....