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Providing a positive environment that builds confidence

Your child's childhood is a hugely important time. These years are the stepping-stones to what can be a healthy and loving life. A child learns more between birth and the age of six than he or she learns in their entire lifetime. This is a crucial time when their foundation is created, and we realise how important our centres and educators are in providing a safe, caring and friendly environment. Each and every one of our educators is in our employ for one reason only: because they love working with and caring for kids. Every member of our staff has a child care certification, which includes being up to date on first aid and child CPR. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have concerning our facility and services offered, and you'll have the opportunity to meet our team firsthand.

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coming up....

Eye testing for all children over 4 years old.

30 April Wildlife show

Bob Turner and their awesome wildlife show will be visiting us!

23 Mar Living Eggs

The living eggs arrive! For the next 2 weeks we'll be looking after 10 little eggs and watching as they hatch and grow into baby chicks!

16th Mar Kindy photos

Little Pics are here for the next 3 days to photograph all the children for our annual kindy photos!

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