Amazing Centre

Carole B |

After family daycare, I was looking for "just the right" centre so my daughter could enjoy an intimate centre where the care was genuine. Unfortunately, we found "too many of the wrong centres" and had some awful experiences until we got Dani in at O&P Collaroy Plateau. What a remarkable difference! It was great to see the same faces (staff) every day, and thanks to the personalised, caring nature of the staff. It was just the right stepping stone to kindergarten. Great work to you all!

Skillful Teachers

Caroline | 11 April, 2013

I just wanted to give feedback for a great day's teaching. Thomas went into kindly today not knowing his shapes, and after the class Sandra took today he can now point out a triangle, circle, square and heart. For a boy who has taken at least a week to learn one colour at a time this is amazing progress and shows what skilful teachers you have.
Thank you so much

Sensational Start

Zoe | 15 March

'Thanks guys, sensational centre and what an awesome start. Amazing to be part of such a fabulous community'

How special for the kids and the residents

Katie |

That sounds amazing – well done! As a family with no grandparents in the country we would have loved our children to have had that experience. How special for the kids and the residents. I also think it would be a fabulous news story and the amazing relationships that will develop. Let me know if and when you are keen to get some publicity as I can think of heaps of publications that would be keen to feature that story!

Nice work! Great news!

Lotte's Mum |

Your email last night about your new centre was very exciting. I work as a Case Worker in Disability and Aged Care, and I have told some of my colleagues about your new centre this morning and all have had such a positive and excited response. We deal with some much social isolation and loneliness in our clients, and I think your new centre will greatly benefit both the aged care and younger people! Nice work! Great news!

Fantastic news...

Sarah & Kell |

Well done! We had heard, but were wondering when it would be confirmed/announced. That's fantastic news. Definately would love little Zahli to head there down the track. I went to a primary school that shared the same grounds as a Nursing home & we regularly visited the elderly. It's true, they absolutely love it!

You guys are amazing...

Mel Reeves |

Congratulations! You guys are amazing - as if you didn't already have enough on your hands!! Love the name and think it's such a great idea!!

Nice work!

Smithers |

The Smithers are thrilled for you guys! What an awesome idea. I know plenty of people who will be delighted about the opening of another centre on the Plateau – especially one run by you guys. Nice work!

Thoroughly recommend the Owl and Pussycat to all

Brent & Anna |

With great regret (but exciting new venture) we would like to let you know that Corban will not require care for next year, as we will be moving to Newcastle. We have loved the boys at your centre and would thoroughly recommend the Owl and Pussycat to all. The boys will greatly miss all the girls who have cared for them over the many years.. They all have been wonderful. Once again – many thanks!!

Couldn't be happier with you

Lauren |

Also wanted to let you know I have recommended the centre to so many parents at swimming, ballet, sport etc. I couldn't be happier with you all, the girls are wonderful and the kids love them all, I think it has helped them through a tough time, so thanks to all of you :)

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